Established in 2006 and although still young, TOTALLOG gathers wide experience in international maritime shipping and integrated Logistics, as the result of four decades of business and professional background of its director, José Carlos da Silva Caridade, and his collaborators, all carefully recruited to ensure the highest technical standard of service rendering skills.

The Brazilian foreign trade still suffers a lack of more rooted awareness of the need to add value to exported products. This can be done in many ways, but no doubt the differential of an asset comes by agreggating services of the highest quality, which is one of the most visible and easiest manner of leveraging such important value.

Today, it does not suffice to have an inherently good product, nor a reasonably competitive ex works price or even an ex quay price. It is essential to provide the international buyer, ever stricter each time, with a range of services that make the product look even more attractive, hence making its purchase irresistible.

TOTALLOG takes care of that for its exporting clients, leaving them to worry only about their core business, ie production and sale. The entire logistics chain from the production point up to arrival of the product at the delivery point specified by the buyer is managed by TOTALLOG, which also runs the financial management of the entire process, sparing you of the administrative burden that this entails.

However, the nobler product that TOTALLOG developed and which completely revamps the client's profile, from a simple vendor to an aggressive and helpful seller, is the sophisticated and cherishing treatment dedicated to information, most often than not set aside as second plan. For the importer who is anywhere in the world, it is of the essence that information on each step and stage of his purchases reach him automatically and without any effort on his part, always just in time, in a complete manner, and be absolutely reliable.


The mission of TOTALLOG is this: make the foreign client of our Brazilian client always very happy with the purchases made in our country, because in addition to a good product at a competitive price, the client also receives personal attention which is corroborated by proactive and correct information , every time.



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